final outcome back view

"The Unknown in Art", Precedent to keep in mind: Willi Baumeister

Art should be perceived according to its visual components and that the artist is not a copyist of material reality but the inventor of new values, works of art adding something previously unknown to visual repertoire.

Fabric Manipulation details

Garment Development/Experimentation on the Body

Hugo Ball wearing experimental Dada performance costume at the Cabaret Voltaire

Shapes created by the union of bodies in neoclassic Ballet, "The Four Temperaments" by George Balanchine (which I performed two years ago)

Surreal set design by Dorothea Tanning for Balanchine's "The Night Shadow"

Good character possessed by evil, Twin Peaks by David Lynch

Surreal television, phantasmagoric bug/frog finding its next host, Twin Peaks Episode 8

The floating surreal body in David Lynch's Twin Peaks "this is the water and this is the well. Drink full and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes and the dark within"

Surreal body suspension, The Fireman from Twin Peaks

Surreal hand symbolism, Andre Breton

Surreal hand symbolism in Mulholland Drive

Surreal hand and tree symbolism in "The Dawn of Cayenne" by Rene Magritte

Surreal tree symbolism, "The Arm" from David Lynch's Twin Peaks

Final Outcome Back View

Thoughts on Fabric Manipulation

I was exploring the capacities of a chosen material, in this case, muslin, to produce diverse
spatial outputs. I transformed the two dimensional surface of of muslin was transformed through a
series of spatial operations, and cutting/sewing techniques to investigate varied
techniques of voluminous assembly such as aggregation, lamination, interlock, folding, weaving. 
Reconfiguring the plain muslin through these operations was the perfect experimental set of surface
design strategies to serve as points of depature for design developments in my sketchbook.

Garment Development: Different Angle

Garment Development/Experimentation on the Body, back view

Experimental Dada dance costumes for an interpretive dance to a poem by Hugo Ball worn by Sophie Tauber Arp and her sister

"Melancholic" movement from Balanchine's avant-garde ballet "The Four Temperaments"

Strange and distorted dance movement by The Man From Another Place, Twin Peaks

Mikhail Baryshnikov in Balanchine's Apollo, another ballet that was very radical in its conception in time and still retains the same avant-garde spirit today

Balanchine's Apollo (another ballet I performed), joinery of bodies and legs feels surreal and anamorphic

George Balanchine for Les Ballets Russes, "Apollon" 1928

Evil being transmitted by BOB to Agent Cooper's Doppelgänger, Twin Peaks

Cabaret Voltaire, hotspot for dada artists in Zurich, many experimental dance performances were originated here. On centre in ceiling: the body moving and surreally floating through space

Out of body experiences and the floating body, Cooper being sucked into the Black Lodge, Twin Peaks

Surreal hand symbolism, Laura Palmer in the Black Lodge of Twin Peaks

Surreal hand symbolism, Giacometti in his studio

Removal of eyesight, in surreal show Twin Peaks by David Lynch

Surreal costume (circles as eyes?) by Max Ernst, legend of surreal art and one of Peggy's ex husbands

Surreal hand symbolism in "The Metamorphosis of Narcissus" by Salvador Dali

Peggy with her dogs in Venice, 1950

Left: Peggy Guggenheim photographed by Man Ray, Right: Peggy sitting in her bed with custom bed frame by friend and artist Alexander Calder